2019 Library Foundation Short Story Contest

This year’s theme has been inspired by the strong students throughout Broward County who have made their voices heard. Students will explore a dystopic United States that is not run by democracy.

There will be one “best in show” winner ($100 gift card and signed book) as well as first ($75 gift card), second ($50 gift card), and third ($50 gift card) place winners at all participating schools.


  1. All Stories must satisfy the following “Submission Requirements”
  2. Official entry form (this paper) must be completed and submitted with each entry
  3. Stories must follow the above theme and must not have been previously published
  4. Stories must be written in English, double-spaced, and no longer than 1,500 words
  5. Submit two copies of your story for judging
  6. All students from grades 9-12 are eligible to enter
  7. Stories must be original to entrant (not copied, adapted, or reproduced from any other source and not a collaboration with any other person)
  8. Stories must not defame, libel, or slander anyone or any entity

Prizes will be awarded to students at the annual District Literary Fair at Broward Center on April 25. If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Jennifer Keljik.


2020 Author Day for Students

The Broward Public Library Foundation is presenting the opportunity to have an author from 2020 Literary Feast attend local area high schools. This will be a published author that will be instructed to speak on their lives and what has led them to a writing career, along with why they write and what inspires them. Schools are recommended to take multiple classes and place them into a large room (such as an auditorium) to hear from these authors.

Examples of what schools and teachers have done in the past include: had breakfast or lunch made for the authors before or after they speak by the culinary program, recorded a video of the author with the news or AV department, had the students read some of their work for the author’s critique, had a meet and greet with the faculty and staff at the school before or after they speak, had the author speak for one-hour two times to fit in more students.

Author arrival times are scheduled in between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. which would mean departure times would be between 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Schools will be assigned the name and biography of an author at least one month in advance to plan accordingly.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Jennifer Keljik.