It’s that time of year again...
when the Broward Public Library Foundation is amping up for all of the Literary Feast 2018 events in May. This is Feast's 30th year, and we want it to be the best yet! We could never do this without the help of our amazing committee chairs and coordinators.

Below are brief job descriptions of the specific tasks we'll need your help to accomplish. Our first committee meeting will be end of January, and we hope to have committee chairs in place by that time. Please email Jennifer Keljik or call her at 954-357-7384 if you're interested in leading a specific committee, or if you have questions.

The Literary Feast events on May 4 and 5 include:

  • Author Day for Students
  • LitLIVE! at Barnes & Noble retail stores
  • Night of Literary Feasts, beginning at Pier Sixty-Six Hotel with a Welcome Reception

There will be a separate email at a later date asking for volunteers.

Thank you - and best wishes for a very Happy New Year!

Silent Auction Co-Chairs
We need two enthusiastic, creative and efficient people to step in as co-chairs for the silent auction.

Job Description: Working with Office Manager Shannon Severance, the co-chairs will identify and pursue silent auction items in the community. The wider their community contacts and networks, the better. It takes a village to make a silent auction successful. They'll encourage their friends and colleagues to donate at the annual gift-gathering party in February. Several weeks before the event, the co-chairs will inventory the donated items, and help organize the items into gift baskets, writing descriptions for the mobile bidding auction site.
On the morning/early afternoon of Saturday, May 5, the co-chairs, working with office staff, will help set up the tables for gift basket display. Some lifting, carrying of boxes and standing is required.

LitLIVE! Leads
We will hold our LitLIVE! event at four Barnes & Noble locations, with 4-5 authors on each panel:

  • Feast Co-Chair Merrie Meyers will lead the Fort Lauderdale location along with Sally Gress
  • Bridget Wilson will be leading the Plantation location
  • We are looking for leads for the Pembroke Pines and Coral Springs locations

Job Description: The leads will be in charge of coordinating the May 4 evening event with the contact at their specific Barnes & Noble retail store. They will help recruit and organize the volunteers needed at each location. That evening, they will be the main contact for the authors.

Author Day for Students' Driver Coordinator
Job Description: The driver coordinator will help the Foundation’s event manager identify people to drive the authors to and from their public high school visits on Friday morning, May 4. Drivers must be licensed, personable and able to donate 3-4 hours accompanying the assigned author. The coordinator will help create packets of driver information, and be the drivers' point person in the weeks leading up to Author Day for Students. The coordinator will need to be at the Pier Sixty-Six Hotel in Fort Lauderdale early on May 4 to help coordinate author pick-ups. If interested, the coordinator may also drive an author.

Marketing/Public Relations Lead
We want to get the word out as widely as possible about LitLIVE! and the Night of Literary Feasts in the months leading up to the events.

Job Description: In addition to an intern focused on social media, we need a coordinated plan to build awareness of our events through distribution of press releases, follow-up contacts with media, and posting event listings on local media calendars. This lead will help the event manager coordinate press interviews and articles. This person must have professional experience with marketing or PR.

Welcome Reception Decoration Chair
Job Description: We are looking for a savvy, cost-conscious designer to coordinate the look and layout of the Night of Literary Feasts' Welcome Reception at the Pier Sixty-Six Hotel's Panorama Room. The Decoration Chair will work with the event Co-Chairs, Executive Director and event manager, and will be on site early on May 5 to coordinate the Panorama Room set-up.

Hospitality Table
The Hospitality Table will be headed again this year by the Blair family. We will be looking for volunteers to help in the coming months.